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Weight Loss Surgery

Insurance Information

STEP 1 - Contact Your Insurance Company

It is important to contact your insurance company to determine if you are covered by your plan for the Sleeve Gastrectomy. Your insurance company may immediately deny coverage for any bariatric surgery, or be ambiguous about what bariatric surgery they will or will not cover. Some insurance companies will not provide you with a definitive answer until they receive documentation which supports medical necessity.

We will be happy to help you with any questions you have to help you get a definitive answer from your carrier.

STEP 2 - Approval For Surgery

If your insurance company covers the proposed bariatric surgery, you must get approval from the carrier to have the surgery performed. In order to do this, Dr. Marx needs to have several supporting documents to complete the requirements preoperatively.

A letter of Medical Necessity: This is a letter from your primary care physician documenting your obesity, your health problems directly affected by your obesity, attempts and failures of diet regimens, and a reason stating the benefit surgery would do to improve your health.

Medical Records: This is a history of your health problems, any prior surgeries, medications, and diseases.

STEP 3 - Out-Of-Pocket Costs

Some insurance agencies will require you to pay a co-pay or a portion of the costs as determined by their policies. We will help you calculate this and an estimate will be given after all information is gathered.

All payments are due paid in full 3 days prior to your scheduled surgery. We accept most major credit cards, cash, cashier’s checks and money orders.


STEP 3 - Self-Pay

If your insurance company does not cover the bariatric procedure, we will be glad to give you a quote for our self-pay program. This price may include the doctor’s and the hospital’s cost in one lump sum. We would be happy to work with you setting up a payment plan for the doctor’s cost that would be paid off prior to your surgery.

All payments are to be paid in full 3 business days prior to your scheduled procedure.

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